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Situated at 25 Km of Brasov, at the entrance of the passage Bran-Rucar, this castle as one of the most visited in Europe, the tourists around the world being attracted by its natural beauty and especially by the fascinate story of Cont Dracula which allegedly have had lived here in this parts of Transylvania. In the present, the castle is a museum housing an incredible collection of ceramics, furniture, armors and arms.
Bran Castle
Cetatea Rasnov
Established at 15 Km of Brasov City, Rasnov Fortress has been there for more then 800 years. It is one of the biggest rural fortresses of Transylvania and very unique in the sense that it was meant to be a place of refuge for the common people, which in that unsure times, where often find them self’s under sieges for extended periods of time. So it had at least 27 houses, a chapel, a school and other buildings which could be easily associated with a village.
Being the former summer residence of Royal Family of Romania, the Peles Castle is situated at 44 km of Brasov in the famous mountain Resort Sinaia.Today the Castle is one of the most important museums of Transylvania, where it can bee admired the furniture and decorative things, carpets, tapestries, sculptures, paintings, collections of arms from the XV, XIX centuries.
Castelul Peles
Statiunea Sinaia
The Resort Sinaia is located right in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, on upper valley of Prahova river, at the base of mountains “Piatra Arsa” and “Varful cu Dor”, on the famous road DN1 which connects Brasov to Bucharest. The Resort is major touristic destination since the XIX century, being recognized as nobleman’s favorite mountain Holliday.
The Resort Busteni is situated at 30 km of Brasov, on DN1 as well, between “Vadul Cerbului” and the tunnel in the build in the “Muchia Lunga” Mountain. The climate of the Prahova's Valley is unique, with soft winters and cool summers, a relaxant atmosphere, with clean air, beautiful mountains, famous restaurants and units of modern accommodation, attracts in Busteni year by year thousands of tourists.
Statiunea Busteni
Statiunea Predeal
The Resort Predeal is placed at 25 km of Brasov City, also on DN1. It is the city of Romania at the highest altitude – 1100 m. Emblem of the Romanian ski lengthways time, the ski resort is preferred by the mountain tracks lovers, here being open numerous huts around all this mountains.
Rooted at 12 km of Brasov City, the International Resort Poiana Brasov, agnomens as “Sun’s Meadows”, it is in present the most famous mountain Resort of Romania and has gain it’s reputation through the harmonious integration of landscapes with turistic endowments. Situated at base of Postavaru massif disposes of 12 path of ski, being as well recommended for rest and relax times.
Statiunea Poiana Brasov

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