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Situated right in the center of Transylvania, Brasov is well known around the world, as one of the most beautiful cities of Romania. The construction of Brasov fortress was realized in the same way as the medieval cites, with tours for protection, bastions and lots of fortification which all ad to the unimaginable beauty of the city.
The colonization of the city by the Saxons (German population original from the region of Rhein and Mosel), in the beginning of the 13th century, brought up a very strong influence in the culture, as well as in the architectural orientation of Brasov City, thinks which can be easily remarketed until today.
Even being exposed to numerous foreigners attacks, as to natural catastrophes (fires, earthquakes) the city has kept over the years many magnificent edifices, which belong this days to a very valorous architectural national patrimony of Romania:
The Black Church - The biggest construction in the gothic stile from Romania.
This wonderful edifices and the mountains attraction, specifically to this area, make Brasov as one of the most popular tourist destination of Romania.

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